New York City Department of Finance
Office of the City Register

Automated City Register Information System

Notice of Recorded Document

The ACRIS Notice of Recorded Document System is a registration program that is intended to provide notice to property owners when deeds, mortgages and deed- or mortgage related documents affecting an ownership interest in real property, have been recorded against a single property in the five boroughs of New York City. In addition to property owners and their agents (including child, spouse or domestic partner of owner if they are a designee), the managing agent, the property owner’s attorney, the lienor, or executors/administrators of the estate of the owner or lienor of the property may register under this program. Owners of cooperative apartments and timeshare units may NOT want to register for notification as these properties do not have unique borough, block and lot identifiers and the registrant would receive notifications affecting the entire building rather than for the particular unit of interest.

The Department of Finance assumes no liability for failure to provide the requested notice of recorded documents with respect to property for which you are registering to receive notification. The City of New York, including the Department of Finance and the Richmond County Clerk, assumes no liability for fulfilling their legal duty to record documents, even if those documents are in some instances later determined to be erroneous, fraudulent or invalid.

Property Address

If you know the property address, complete the fields below and press "Find BBL" to find the Borough/Block/Lot of the property. Address fields indicated by an asterisk (*) are required. If the property is a Condominium Unit that has a Unit/Apartment Number, the Unit Number is required. If an address is found, the fields in the Property Borough/Block/Lot section will be populated.

  Borough / County: *
  House Number: *
  Street Name: *
  Unit/Apartment Number:

If you know the Borough, Block and Lot of the property, complete the fields below and press the "Find Address" button to find the address of the property. Fields indicated by an asterisk (*) are required. If the BBL is found, the fields in the Property Address section will be populated.

  Borough / County:


If the entered BBL is not valid or the entered address does not have a BBL, an error message will display. If you enter the address and the property is a Condominium Unit that has a Unit/Apartment Number, the Unit Number is required.

Notification Options

To register to receive notification, select the Receive Notification button. If you no longer wish to receive notification, select the Delete Notification button. The Delete Notification selection will disable all remaining entry fields except the email address and once you submit will cancel a previously submitted notification request.

Registrant Information

Enter your name, select your interest in property from the drop down list, and enter your mailing address and telephone number as indicated. This information is not required if you check the Delete box. Your name, address and telephone number is required for informational purposes only. If you select "Other" as your interest in property, enter the interest in the field that opens directly below the drop down box.
Name *
Interest in Property *
Address Line 1
Address Line 2    
City *
State *
Zip Code *
Telephone Number
* (999-999-9999)
Choose to have your notification sent by either email or SMS by selecting the appropriate button below. For email notification, please enter a valid email address and add to your safe senders list to ensure you receive e-mail confirmation and notices. For SMS notification enter your full phone number and cell phone carrier domain. If you are not sure of your cell phone carrier’s domain, please contact your cell phone provider and ask for the address of their SMS Gateway. For example, a Verizon subscriber whose phone number is 555-555-5555 would enter while an AT&T subscriber whose phone number is 555-555-5555 would enter Depending on your cell phone plan, you could be charged additional fees. Please check with your carrier.
 Email *
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Certification:   I certify that all information contained in this registration is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that willful making of any false statement of material fact herein will subject me to the provisions of Penal Law § 175.30 relevant to the making and filing of false instruments and will make this registration null and void.

* I agree to these terms.


Click “Submit” to submit your request or click “Cancel” to clear all information entered on this page.

After clicking “Submit” a new screen will open and you will receive an automatically generated email. Both the new screen and the automatically generated email will confirm the registration details you entered and that you elected to receive (no longer receive) email notices whenever documents are recorded against the entered Borough, Block and Lot (BBL).

If you do not receive this email within 15 minutes, please verify that you entered the correct email address (per the confirmation screen). If the email address that you entered is incorrect, you should re-register using the correct email address. If you had used the correct email address, please check your junk mail as the antispam and email filtering you may be running can potentially cause these emails to arrive in your junk email folder. To prevent future email notices from doing the same, please add the email address to your safe senders list. If the email address that you entered is correct and the email is not in your junk email folder, you should call 311.